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About OIOG


Our nation deserves glory.


Our National flag going up merits to create flutter and awe.

There are only three areas where excellence makes the world sit up and notice us. Financial and economical heft, intellectual property and sporting success. 


India is doing pretty well on the first two fronts. 

It is the third, the sporting front where we lack. The reasons are numerous and varied too. 


But the solution is singular: As a nation we need a movement, a clarion call to change the paradigm of sports—the way it is perceived, deciphered and disseminated in India. Right from the grass root level a behavioural change needs to be staged and it needs to done NOW!

Presenting, One India, One Goal​​


Sports Development

A movement that will involve every sports conscious Indian, young and the old, seeking their active, passive contribution.

Role of Government

It will actively work with the State governments, MPs and other government representative taking Sports to every village, block and panchayat level. 

Train the Champions

It wants to train the champions coming out of state activities giving them national and international platform.

Healthy Society & More Medals

It is a movement that strives towards a healthier youth, healthy society and towards winning more medals.

One India, One Goal is a public movement that sets out on this ambitious mission of addressing this problem with a 3-pronged approach